The park

May we introduce?

The Muckels in
Taunus Wunderland

Hey you! We are Muckel, Betty, Grandpa Alfred, Uncle Benno, Aunt Rosi and Arya – the mascots in Taunus Wunderland. We would be sooo happy to meet you! Come around and become part of the Muckel family.

Muckel, Betty, Opa Alfred und Onkel Benno

The Muckel Family tree

Muckel, Betty, Opa Alfred und Onkel Benno

How it all started...

The story of the Muckels

In the middle of the woods, surrounded by lush green and pure nature, lives a wondrous species: Big as bears but pious as lambs. The dearest creatures you can imagine. Friendly, cheerful, funny. Always there when you need them and always ready for a new adventure: the Muckels.

It all began in the Muckelsburg. The head of the Muckel family still lives here with his Betty. When you enter the Taunus Wunderland, you will arrive directly in the village where you will meet them and immediately feel at home. Because they love visitors and welcome everyone as if they were part of the family.

But Muckel and Betty are not the only ones in the big Muckel family. In the whole Taunus Wunderland you will find more relatives of these two and each one of them will be happy to show you how they live and what they do.

Opa Alfred
Opa Alfreds Dinotal

Grandpa Alfred

I am Grandpa Alfred, Guardian of the Dino Valley.

Onkel Benno
Onkel Bennos Bauernhof

Uncle Benno

I am Uncle Benno, the keeper of the farm.

Tante Rosi
Tante Rosis Zuckerwatteland

Aunt Rosi

I am Aunt Rosi, the good soul of the Candy Floss Land.

Higher, faster, brighter

Our subject areas

High up, steeply down, experience, marvel, get the creeps! Leave your everyday life behind at the entrance and experience an unforgettable day in our five big theme areas. Many great attractions are waiting for you!

Tante Rosis Zuckerwatteland

Aunt Rosis Candy Floss Land

to the attractions

Onkel Bennos Bauernhof

Uncle Benno's farm

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Opa Alfreds Dinotal

Grandpa Alfreds Dinotal

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Vieele weitere Attraktionen

And maaany other attractions

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Everything at a glance - The park plan

In our park you have endless possibilities.

Volcano Slide, Milanflight or Wilde Maus - it's your choice! Experience a unique day with a lot of extraordinary adventures.

Goodbye everyday life - hello Taunus Wunderland

Our opening times

Catchy tune guaranteed

The Taunus Wunderland songs

Download, listen, sing along! Whoo-hoo!

Taunus Wunderland song (MP3) Halloween song (MP3)

Get out and have fun!

This is how you find us!

Our address

Taunus Wunderland
Haus zur Schanze 1
65388 Schlangenbad

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By car

You can reach us via the A66 from Wiesbaden in the direction of Rüdesheim, exit Schlangenbad and then follow the signs on the B260.

Or from the A3, take the Idstein exit in the direction of Bad Schwalbach and continue on the B275 following the signs.

By bus

There is a direct bus connection from Wiesbaden main station via Taunusstein, line 273/274.

Nature is just one of our attractions!

About Taunus Wunderland

For more than 50 years, fun for the whole family has been our focus. Many families come visiting us as a tradition. They have actively witnessed the changes in Taunus Wunderland from an animal and fairy-tale park to a modern leisure park.

Here you mount your first fun-fair ride together with your whole family and enjoy a breathtaking roller-coaster race, the merry-go-round or a refreshing splash in the white-water ride. These are experiences to be had with mum and dad or the grandparents and they will be the highlights of the family album! Our family park is the perfect place for generation encounters – competing in radiance with the warmth of the sun.

Taunus Wunderland is home to the Muckels – they look after everything and take care that all visitors will have as much fun as they possibly can. They are our mascots and nobody ever found out how this adorable species happened to come and live in the Taunus. In their five theme areas, the Area around Arya, Grandpa Alfred’s Dinosaur Valley, Aunt Rosie’s Candyfloss Land, Uncle Benno’s Farm and Muckel Village, there are by now more than 50 attractions for children between 3 and 14 years – and of course everyone else who just cannot get enough!

The Taunus Wunderland success is based on the surrounding landscape as well as the engagement of the owner family who have been showmen for already 5 generations plus of course the talents of our staff. We take the responsibility of being an attractive enterprise in the economic sphere of Rhein-Main with more than 150 employees very seriously.

As a family business, we are proud to offer local residents and their families professional perspectives within their reach. It is our motivation to create unforgettable experiences for the whole family – to the highest perfection.

Principles of sustainability

As a local enterprise at the heart of nature, we have the duty to protect the environment and preserve it for future generations. We adhere to social and environmental laws, directives and policies and are working continuously on enhancing our share in a society that observes the principles of improving sustainability.

Naturally, we act conscientiously, ecologically and environmentally sustainable. This implies that we constantly work on reducing energy, fumes and noise emissions and on protecting the soil.

Furthermore, we hardly use individual packaging anymore and negotiate special packaging-sizes with our suppliers. We are constantly working on a concept to omit plastic. Thus, the avoidance of plastic crockery and cutlery is one of the main aspects of our sustainability concept. To comply with the obligation of issuing receipts, we have switched to using eco-friendly paper.

Social commitment

The owner’s family is deeply connected with the city of Wiesbaden in the vicinity of which the park is located although they are also travelling worldwide with the world’s largest mobile roller-coaster they also own. They see themselves as a medium-sized enterprise with local roots, as regional employer and responsible purchaser when it comes to placing. Our motto is “regional first” – we prefer regional suppliers in order to support local producers, to protect the environment with short transport distances and to guarantee high-class provenance.

Being a part of the local community, we want to be true to our role as responsible entrepreneur. This has various aspects such as donations, volunteer engagement, cooperation with and promotion of sports programmes for the young as well as the promotion of community relations.


Our attractions are annually inspected and approved of by TÜV (equivalent to MOT). Our staff at the individual rides is regularly being schooled because the safety of our visitors has top priority.

Through regular unannounced inspections either by the park management or by certified companies we assure that all rules and regulations are being adhered to in our gastronomic areas. We therefor cooperate with the responsible departments of local and regional government as well as calling in voluntary food control.

Dates and facts

Company name:
TWL GmbH GF: Jürgen Otto Barth

Company seat:
Haus zur Schanze 1
65388 Schlangenbad

Otto Barth

Number of Employees:

Company surface:
40,000 square metres with an extra 35,000 square metres in future years.
800 toll-free parking spaces

A leisure park with more than 50 great attractions, 5 theme areas and thrilling local flora and fauna.

Target group:
Young families with children aged 3 to 14, including their grandparents, other relatives, friends and school classes.

Number of visitors:
260.000, tendancy rising


Taunus Wunderland established as a fairytale park.

Ownership taken over by the Barth family. The concept is being revised with loving care and the park is transformed into a theme park. Ever since, the park is growing constantly, including new attractions and the proposed enlargement.

Roller-coaster “Wild Mouse” is opened, guaranteeing fun for the whole family with its 43 km/h speed, a length of 375 m and lots of harmonic bends and curves.

Opening of the white-water ride. With its highest point at 16 m and a distance to be covered in backwards move at this height, the heartbeat is sure to rise!

“Knall & Fall” Freefall Tower opened. 17 m of breathtaking multi-motion are integrating a new movement – leaning forwards – into the popular combination of freefall and boat swing.

A pedestrian underpass and new entrance are constructed. Thus the spacious parking lot is safely and visitor-friendly connected to the park at the other side of a main through-road.

Brand relaunch. Taunus Wunderland is presented in a completely new way – not only visually, but substantially and organizationally with a clear aim for the target group.

Theme area “Grandpa Alfred’s Dinosaur Valley” is being enlarged.

Opening of theme area “Uncle Benno’s Farm”

Summer opening of “Aunt Rosie’s Candyfloss Land” and Candy Shop. Areas being cleared for new attractions. Sadly enough we have to close and take down our popular “Rodeo Ride”.

Opening of two new attractions: the “Wonderglider Simulator” at the Muckelsburg and the new crazy family roller-coaster “Kuhddel Muuuhddel” at Uncle Benno’s Farm.

In Grandpa Alfred's Dino Valley, the "Wild T-Rex" opens. The big T-Rex in the middle of the breakdance whirls the passengers around quite a bit. For the first time, the park also opens its doors in winter as Winter Wunderland.

A new attraction opens in Muckelsdorf with the historic carousel. On the future expansion area is vigorously built.

The new themed area around the youngest in the family, Arya, opens. There is new to experience and marvel at.

Finally, a few rules of the game

Our park regulations

We wish you a pleasant stay in Taunus Wunderland. In order to ensure that all visitors have a nice and safe day, only our park rules apply to the use of the park, which you are obliged to observe by entering the park. Your safety is taken care of by our technicians, who constantly check the facilities and, if necessary, take them out of operation if safety is no longer guaranteed.

1. Parking Regulations

The rules and signs of the road traffic regulations (StVO) apply at our parking area. Please follow the instructions of our security personnel.

Parking is free of charge in the designated areas of Taunus Wunderland.

Our car park is not permanently monitored. When leaving your vehicle, please make sure that you take all valuables with you and close all doors and windows. We are not liable for damage to your vehicle that is not our fault - for example, damage caused by theft or hail.

2. entry

The Taunus Wunderland may only be entered with a valid ticket. Please keep the tickets during your visit and show them on request. When leaving the park area, the right to enter expires. If you only leave the park for a short time, e.g. to visit your car, you will receive a stamp on your hand at the entrance which entitles you to re-enter the park.

In addition to day tickets, we also offer you the opportunity to purchase an annual ticket. This is personal and cannot be used by third parties. In the event of misuse, we reserve the right to block the annual ticket for the remainder of its term. In this case, the purchase price will not be refunded proportionately.

3. general

Dogs are welcome in our park, but they must be kept on a leash. Contamination by the dogs must be removed by the owner. Please bring appropriate dog bags with you. Dogs are not allowed in the rides.

Smoking is generally allowed. The many children, non-smokers and the nature are happy if you keep it down or refrain from smoking in the park altogether.

The instructions of the park staff must be followed without fail.

Children under 14 years are not allowed to stay in the park without a parent or guardian!

In general Please inform our staff at the office area about any damages, accidents or injuries before you leave the park so they may beregistered. The park may not be held liable afterwards for anyunregistered incidents.

In the event of violations of our park regulations that significantly disrupt operations or other guests, we reserve the right to issue a temporary or permanent ban from the park. In this case, there is no entitlement to a partial or full refund of the admission fee.

4. use of the rides

By using the different rides you agree to the respective terms of use. These must be observed in any case.

On some rides, children may only enter if they are at least one metre tall. These safety regulations are specified by the TÜV (Association for Technical Inspection) and must be strictly observed. In front of every ride that requires a minimum size, there is a measuring bar that you can use to check whether you or your children comply with this size. Here you must follow the instructions of the operator.

Please note that animals as well as sticks or other bulky, pointed or loose objects may not be taken into the vehicles. These objects can become a dangerous projectile that can injure you or other persons.

For safety reasons, using any of our rides under the influence of alcohol is prohibited. Furthermore, pregnant women and persons with heart, back and similar health problems are not allowed to use some of our rides. Unfortunately, persons with walking disabilities are also not allowed to use some of the rides. Please pay attention to the safety instructions in the park.

Please pay attention to your children because they easily underestimate possible sources of danger.

Always make sure that an adult is on the rides and never let your children out of your sight.

Do not sit your children on or lift them over the barriers of rides, as this is dangerous to life and limb.

In the event of an interruption in the power supply or other events and a resulting failure of facilities and attractions, no refund or partial refund of the fee paid for admission can be demanded.

In the event of strong winds, obstructed visibility, thunderstorms or special weather conditions, we are the operation of the facilities and attractions for the protection of the visitors. In this case, the park may be closed early or for the entire day. There is no right to a refund of the paid entrance fee, not even partially. Likewise, in this case there is no right to any kind of claims for damages.

5. Advertising and offering goods and services

Advertising and offering of goods and services on the park premises is generally not prohibited unless the management gives its consent on request.

6. Filming and photography

In Taunus Wunderland, film and photo shootings may be held from time to time. The areas and attractions will be marked as far as possible. Please avoid these areas if you do not want any pictures or film sequences of you to be used later in public, or inform the photographer or film team. If this does not happen, we assume that the exploitation is permitted free of charge.